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Doctor Who.

Excellent. Probably my favourite season so far. Bill is so awesome. The Pilot: Awesome, cool intro the characters, love the episode title wordplay Smile: Very cool concept, well done Thin Ice: Super cool, you learn more about the characters, the Doctor punches a racist Knock Knock: So awesome! Very scary when your friend has surround sound, though. Oxygen: So cool! The concept is awesome, it's interesting and sad. Plus space capitalism! Extremis: It's like the matrix, super awesome, the monks are so scary The Pyramid At The End Of The World: Cool continuation of Extremis, moral dilemmas, Doug is the worst, also the Doctor and Bill should just have facetimed The Lie Of The Land: Very good, the Doctor was kind of annoying, but the whole plan was very well executed Empress Of Mars: It kind of felt like a filler episode, and it seemed to easy to sort out, also people being killed and turned into people boxes was weird The Eaters Of Light: Super good, showed off the characters more, the whole thing with the crows was awesome, the solution was a little confusing World Enough And Time: So sad! Cool concept, kinda just seemed like a ripoff of the girl who waited The Doctor Falls: So sad, so awesome, two Masters was hilarious, instead of an apple bomb there should have been a cherry bomb, it sucks Bill left, she's way too awesome.
Charlotte Turner (Queen's Square Library)