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Arcade Fire
Montreal rock band Arcade Fire's latest work, a shiny and synthy look at consumerism, led to mixed reviews. Some liked it, some said it was hollow and a real let-down after how incredible some of their other albums are. I actually liked it. The lyrical concept is a little trite, but lots of songs are upbeat, fun, and jazzy. My favourites are Signs Of Life (accompanied by a Wes Anderson-esque music video) Chemistry (which some people claim is their worst song, but it's a straight up bop) and Electric Blue (a David Bowie-inspired number sang by Regine Chassagne). The later half of the album falters, and I wouldn't say it's their best work, but it's fun, they're clearly having a great time, and there are a few standout tracks that can make a playlist great.
Charlotte Turner (Queen's Square Library)