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The Graveyard Book

Gaiman, Neil.
The Graveyard Book is a fantasy story about a young boy, who is raised by ghosts after his parents are killed by a mysterious assailant. As Bod (short for Nobody) grows up, he learns more about the mysterious world of the graveyard, and eventually battles with his family's murderer. I really liked this book. Though the plot could be very meandering, it had an excellent mythology, as well as discussions about love, and what truly makes a family.
Gemma Turner (Queen's Square Library)

Another masterpiece by Neil Gaiman. The first thing that should be noticed is the layout of the pages. During dramatic or suspenseful scenes, the words will be spread out, staggered down the page, and, in a few instances, the page itself will be black. As always, the characters are lovable and the plot is unique. Hints of the true villain are scattered throughout the story, and it creates an amazing climax at the end. With some thought, I figured out the villain before the major confrontation scene, but it was exciting nonetheless. I also must warn you, you will cry excessively at the beautifully-written end. Overall, an amazing read and amazing author. I'd recommend this book to anyone! Go read it right now!

Rebecca (Hespeler)