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Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets

J.k Rowling
As Harry Potter enters his second year at Hogwarts, it takes a tantalizing turn. Harry expects it to be a typical year but a secret chamber opens, which causes muggle-born students to be attacked and Harry must put him and his friends in danger once more. Will he conquer and be able to save the school or will everyone's secrets be revealed? I enjoyed this book because it is packed with thrills, suspense, and sensation. Personally, my favorite part is when Harry was dragged into Riddle’s diary and is forced to witness the expulsion of his friend Hagrid when he was at Hogwarts 50 years before. 5 stars!
Ethan Larcher (Preston Library)
When Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts in the second year, he is prevented from entering the train by a house elf named Dobby who warned them not to come to hogwarts that year. Harry and Ron are forced to use magic in a non magic world, and are fined by the Ministry of Magic when they get to Hogwarts. It turns out that Dobby's warning came true, because students are being found frozen. It is up to Harry, Hermione and Ron to find the beast within the castle.
Joshua brown (Queen's Square Library)
I love Harry potter books and movies. Harry potter and the chamber of secret is the second story. For this movie you can find out what is the chamber and who s the Tom riddle.
Jieun huh (Clemens Mill Library)