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How to socialise & make friends

Camp Cope
Just from the title alone, you can make assumptions about Australian alt-rock trio Camp Cope’s second album, How To Socialise and Make Friends. It sounds like a self-help book, yet it takes its title from the second track, a song about getting over a married man. The album is all fire and substance, from the riot grrrl-infused opening track The Opener, to the sad and pensive I’ve Got You. Some of the songs are less memorable, but all have a place in my heart. All the instrumentation is good, but the real treat is lead singer Georgia Maq’s voice. Her voice is extremely powerful and emotional, and steals the show in every song. Whether she’s talking about being sexually assaulted by a musician, or feeling lucky, she forces you to listen, a la Corin Tucker or Kathleen Hanna. The lyrics are also a highlight, from the heartbreaking to the hilarious. Some of my favourite as “show ‘em, Kelly!”, “we all sold weed for a while”, “when she saw that I tattooed my hands, I said mum I don’t think I was ever gonna work for the bank”, and “there was something sleazy about it that made me want to rob the place and run”. The first three songs are powerhouses, especially The Opener, a flawless takedown of sexism in the music industry. However, the five-minute song that follows, Anna, brings it to a new, emotional level with devastating vocals. Sagan-Indiana is similar, with lyrics that foreshadow I’ve Got You. The last half of the album slows down with more romance-based songs, but it’s still good. This album is incredible, and a great listen.
Charlotte Turner (Queen's Square Library)