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That inevitable Victorian thing

Johnston, E. K.
Readers looking for something sweet and fresh will be delighted by That Inevitable Victorian Thing, a novel which blends utopian sci-fi, romance, and royalty into an intoxicating brew. Princess Victoria-Margaret, heir to a modernized British Empire - one built on cooperation rather than colonialism - has been sent to Canada for one last summer of freedom before assuming her duties as the next in line to the throne. But when she meets Helena Marcus and August Callahan, the trio's dreamy Muskoka summer gives way to a plot for how they can have what they want - each other - without sacrificing their duty. LGBTQI representation adds extra flavour to this warm and charming reminder that we all have the power to change our destinies. For ages 13 and up.
Laura McVey (Casual Staff) (Queen's Square Library)