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Melodrama is a very introspective record. Lorde tells the story of breakups, love, and being twenty-something through the lens of a house party, with aching lyrics and beautiful yet sparse background instrumentation. I prefer her debut album, Pure Heroine, more because I find the songs about being a teenager more relatable, but this album takes everything to a new level. The first song, Green Light, is almost a typical pop song. Almost. It’s got some weird piano bits mixed in with Lorde’s conversational voice, to start, and then just keeps going and going. The next few songs are happy, dizzying, and perfect. Homemade Dynamite is a prime example, about meeting new people among excellent wordplay. A great part of this album is Lorde’s singing, with conversational tone, mixing a deep and breathy voice, and partying-related spoken word interludes (ie broadcast the boom boom boom in The Louvre). The next few songs are lower, like the bare piano ballad Liability. Hard Feelings/Loveless is also a standout track with full instruments and a sample of the drum break from In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins. One of my favourite songs is Writer In The Dark, a quiet song about fame, almost like the prequel to Liability. Plus, Lorde’s pronunciation of ‘dark’ is just incredible. The last song, Perfect Places, is a great choice to finish the album. The drums are in your face, and Lorde’s voice going up and down is beautiful. And of course, a sing-along chorus. Melodrama is a flawless album, that is unique to Lorde’s experiences but also intensely relatable.
Charlotte Turner (Queen's Square Library)