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Pure heroine

Pure Heroine is the debut album of New Zealand singer-songwriter, Lorde, who was sixteen when it was released. Just this fact alone makes the album awesome, because of how deep, carefully written, and gorgeous the lyrics are. Lorde's voice is the focus, against hip-hop inspired beats and dark synth sounds. It's quiet, like an introspective look into her, and every teenager growing up in the suburbs, mind, but is still poppy and catchy. Highlights include 400 Lux, a slow song about finding the romance in quiet moments, like buying orange juice. Royals, the smash hit single, is also very good and if you were alive in 2013, you should know the words. Closer to the end of the album, the songs get dark, weirdly monarchy and dystopia-obsessed, but also just so good. White Teeth Teens is an accurate portrayal of the popular kids, and Still Sane is a song for the weird, nervous kids who actually like school. Closing track A World Alone is my favourite song, as an anthem for the introverts, and a moody look at partying with your best friend while still being alone. Pure Heroine is beautiful, calculated, organic, danceable and cryable.
Charlotte Turner (Queen's Square Library)