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Stars above

Meyer, Marissa.

Stars Above is a series of short stories from the world of the Lunar Chronicles. This collection is meant to be read after you’ve finished the final novel in the series. It includes stories about each of the main characters, many of which tell something of an origin tale. There is, however, also an epilogue to all of the adventures, which makes this a fun way to finish the series as a whole.

As is the case in any short story anthology, different stories will appeal to different readers. Some will love seeing their favourite characters as children, while others will prefer seeing already told book scenes from a different point of view. There is even one totally separate tale that is a science fiction fairy tale retelling of its own! It’s an interesting collection, full of important and not-so-important details that all add to the world and the characters of the Lunar Chronicles.

Meredith (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)