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Meyer, Marissa.

Cinder and her friends are finally heading to Luna, where the plot to overthrow Queen Levana is quickly coming to its intense and dangerous conclusion. When the crew is joined by an unexpected ally—the queen’s half-insane stepdaughter Winter—the task at hand becomes even more complicated, yet their impossible mission starts to feel like there’s actually a chance to be victorious.

The final book in the Lunar Chronicles, Winter is a fast-paced and thrilling conclusion to this fairy-tale/science fiction series. Although the book is long, there are so many story threads going on the plot moves quickly and the action never stops. All of the main characters from the previous stories continue their own storylines here, and it’s a joy to see them weave and connect as they come together and break apart, each playing an important role in the revolt they’re planning. For fans who’ve followed the series to this point, Winter is a fun, satisfying conclusion to the adventures of Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter.

Meredith (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)