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Rainbow coloured DNA


Studying cells, genetics, evolution, or anatomy?  Search our databases to find excellent scholarly articles for your ISU research. We also have many books and DVDs you can use for biology projects.

Here are a few of our newest books

Human anatomy : the definitive visual guide nheritance : how our genes change our lives--and our lives change our geneshttp://search.cambridgelibraries.ca/record=b1389797~S15

Browse our newest books on these topics!

Animals and Plants
Animals and Plants

Discover the living world! Topics include endangered species, microscopic life, plants, insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Good for grades 4 through high school.

Government of Canada Publications
Government of Canada Publications

Print and online publications from all departments of the Canadian government.

Health & Behaviour
Health & Behaviour

Find in-depth, current info on mental and physical health issues, diagnoses, and treatments in these online books.

Virtual Reference Library
Virtual Reference Library

An entire reference library at your fingertips! Instantly access hundreds of eBooks and encyclopedias on virtually any subject, including business, geography, literature, history, and science. No checkout or special reader required. View the tutorial (Flash)

Cells Alive!
If you want to look at an in depth, interactive cell model, this is the place to go. You can choose either a plant or animal cell and be taken to a visual that explains in detail each aspect of the cell.

Action Bioscience
This website has many peer-reviewed articles on various aspects of biology, from Biodiversity and Evolution to Genetics and Genomes. A must for background information on any biology topic.

The Biology Place – BioCoach
The Biology Place has detailed reviews of many Biology concepts that you will be learning about in class.

The Biology Place – Glossary
A one stop website for definitions of various biology terms.