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Careers will help you get ready for finding a job during or after high school. Here, we have compiled some of the best websites and books to help you on your way, from finding a job you want to apply for, to writing a resume and cover letter.

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Best Resumes for College Students How to write better resumes and cover lettersI don't want to go to college

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Education & Careers
Education & Careers

Use these online books to find out about Canadian, American, and International schools; financial aid and awards; as well as career prospects in the United States.

Career Bookmarks
From the Toronto Public Library. Links to information on all aspects of your job search, including free online self assessment tools.

Service Canada Employment Site
Service Canada’s official employment site, this website provides many resources for finding jobs and career planning.

Working in Canada
Working in Canada’s website for job seekers provides information on wages and job prospects in any given career path.

Ontario Job Futures
Ontario Job Futures provides job profiles and employment patterns for various careers.