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Chemistry is the study of chemicals, their bonds, and the matter that makes up life and our relationship to it. These resources will help you with your research projects in Chemistry.

Here are a few of our newest books:

Molecules : the elements and the architecture of everythingCollege ChemistryThe Periodic Table

Looking for general help with chemistry? Check out our Chemistry books with sample problems and exercises.

Got a more specific question? Take a look at the books on these topics.

Search within these ebooks from our collection to find short articles about your topic.

Chemical Elements
Chemical Elements

Find in-depth info on gold, copper, and other elements of the periodic table in this set of online encyclopedias.

Science & Technology
Science & Technology

From the science of everyday products to the technology of space flight, search these online books for answers to all of your science, math, and environmental questions.

Dynamic Periodic Table
This website has an interactive periodic table that allows you to see the changes in elements as the temperature changes, or sort elements by class, weight, and electrons.

Writing the Lab Report
Having trouble writing your lab report? This page, from the University of Toronto, gives you all the necessary steps and sections you need to include in your paper.

Canadian Minerals Yearbook
Use the "Mineral and Metal Producers" section to answers questions about where and how your element is extracted in Canada.