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Below are some resources to help you better understand the branch of science that studies the interactions between energy and matter.


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Physics I Workbook for Dummies

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Science & Technology
Science & Technology

From the science of everyday products to the technology of space flight, search these online books for answers to all of your science, math, and environmental questions.

Eric Weisstein's World of Physics
An in-depth, technical online encyclopedia on various physics disciplines.

The Atomic Archive
This website provides information on the science of nuclear energy along with an extensive resource library.

Sir Isaac Newton (SIN) Contest
The Sir Isaac Newton (SIN) Contest is a competition open to students interested in further developing their knowledge of physics. The University of Waterloo holds the competition in May each year. In preparation for the test, students will develop strategies for solving a variety of physics problems based on material covered in the Grade 12 Physics course. The SIN contest is open to ALL students but it is specifically intended for those who have, or are, studying Grade 12 physics.