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Religion is a specific set of spiritual beliefs. It usually involves a set of rituals, a moral code and a philosophy of life. This topic guide will provide resources on the five major religions as well as resources for researching lesser known belief systems.

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Countries, Cultures, & Religion
Countries, Cultures, & Religion

Use this collection to research customs and beliefs from around the world.

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Virtual Reference Library

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Websites providing general information on world religions.

BBC Alphabetical Listing of World Religions
This portion of the BBC website lists the five major religions plus many other lesser known religions. Readers can find an overview of each religion as well as more detailed information on beliefs, customs, history, holy days, and much more.

The websites listed below provide information on specific religions.

Anglican Church of Canada
This website offers information on the beliefs, history, and organization of the Anglican faith in Canada.

Mennonite Church of Canada
Information on the beliefs of the Mennonite faith along with webpages containing detailed information on every aspect of the Mennonite Confession of Faith.

United Church of Canada
This website provides an overview of the beliefs of the United Church as well as faith statements and United Church Social Policy positions.

Vatican Resource Library
The Vatican Resource Library contains an online copy of The New American Bible as well as a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which outlines in detail the beliefs of Catholics.

These websites also offer specific information and online copies of religious texts.

Catholic Encyclopedia
This website provides access to the 1917 edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia online, as well as Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica, the writings of the Fathers of the Church, and the Holy Bible.