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Do you have specialized skills you could share? Have you perfected a Pinterest project that everyone could use, or spent years working magic with sewing, or crafting or tech? We welcome submissions for community led programming from the folks with know-how, YOU! From ‘How to Make a Sock Monkey’ to ‘Craft your Own Herbal Planter in Five Easy Steps’, we want to hear about it. Get creative! Don’t be shy!

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Step One:  Fill in a proposal online outlining the project, material requirements, equipment and audience for the program.

Step Two: If your project is selected, meet with your staff contact to complete a collaboration agreement.

Step Three: Prepare – and then share with the community!

Please note: all submissions will be considered based on the programming needs at that time, and applicants will be contacted when a fit is found. Idea Exchange reserves the right to decline submissions.