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All Hands on Deck: March Break Volunteers



  • Crowd of children in the library

Shannon, Queen's Square | February 1, 2020

March Break is a time every school child waits for all year. A break from bleak, cold winter days, time of freedom and exploration, of morning cartoons and unexpected activities; the chance to sleep in, do something different, recharge. And adventure. But where do you go when a family vacation is just not in the cards? To Idea Exchange, because that’s where March Break magic is made.

Last year 11,002 children attended free programs at our five locations. Children saw magic shows and musical performances, experimented with science and tech activities, met princesses, reptiles and superheroes, and explored their imaginations, all at their own pace. For parents it offered a way to plan a fun week without prohibitive expense – and it ensured that their little ones weren’t withering in front of a television or computer screen.  One mom shared “I am blown away! This is amazing. Something for every child, all abilities, all learning styles. Staff are full of energy and the activities are incredible. Thank you! Great start to March Break!”

How do we do that? Provide programming for 11, 000+? We start with the staff, who prepare for months, planning activities that excite, delight and inspire the youngsters of our community. But when it actually arrives, how do we keep the chaos of 11,000 little elbows, chirping voices, busy hands and excited, creative minds active without spawning a big jumble of noise, people and stress? Volunteer power, that’s how.

During March Break our volunteer team takes the term “All Hands On Deck” seriously.  For March Break 2019 more than 100 volunteers donated over 700 hours of time to assist with material preparation, act as lobby ambassadors, and offer hands on help during programming. They showed up with a smile, and embraced the crowds, engaged with the children. They kept the supplies fresh, managed any lines, and supporting our staff. Most of all they did it with a vigor and energy worthy of the staff at Disney World.

March Break 2020 is a few weeks away – and we are busy making preparations now. Part of those preparations is to welcome those willing to lend a hand to join our volunteer team and be part of something magical. So if you are ready, willing, and able, fill in an application today – and get ready for the fun!