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  • Volunteer Profile: Sherry Dai
    Breathing Easy

Sheridan Flietstra | October 16, 2019

Volunteer Profile: Sherry Dai

Ever need a breath of fresh air? A departure from the daily grind that brings some variety and well, – O2to your life? For Sherry Dai, a graduated Bio-Chem major from the University of Toronto, and now masters degree student at WLU, Idea Exchange is the place she escapes to when she needs to step away from her studies, and just do something different.

When Sherry returned to Cambridge after her hectic and challenging undergrad degree, Idea Exchange became a personal place of refuge – and a source of newfound courage.

Sherry dove into volunteering, trying pretty much everything and anything offered that would be a new experience for her. Thrilled at the focus on exploring her personal interest, Sherry jumped in. Children’s programs. Bar tending. Tour Guiding. Gallery events. Digital Media Support. Sherry has done it all.

With a love of crafting from scrap-booking to crocheting, and a vivacious, outgoing personality, Sherry is keen to share her skills. From sewing during Preston’s DIY and Eco days, to assisting with a gallery art covering project, she’s built on her skills while lending a hand. Known for her contagious smile and roll up the sleeves attitude, Sherry is a welcome addition to whatever interests her.

Along with a positive impact on her confidence, volunteering has also supported Sherry in her school career. “School work can be both very isolating, as well as monotonous” Sherry told us “Essays, long nights of homework, and little social interaction take a toll. Volunteer fills me back up.”

Volunteering enabled Sherry to take a break from her schoolwork, and also helped her to actively organize time for social activities. Through giving tours at the Old Post Office, as well as helping to run various programs, Sherry has gained new skills that help her deal with the anxiety of presentation, and well, breathe a little easier.

For being a breath of fresh air for us all at Idea Exchange, we salute you Sherry Dai in this volunteer profile.

Sheridan Flietstra is a Secondary School Co-op Student at Idea Exchange. She has a passion for writing and is planning to pursue Journalism as a career.