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The Butterfly Effect



  • A monarch butterfly rests against a background of blue butterflies

Shannon, Queen's Square | January 1, 2022

Because the flap of the tiniest wing can start a typhoon…

Small things matter. What we think and do today can change the world we live in tomorrow. This winter help us unleash a typhoon of kindness, love and affirming wishes to the universe.

We are going to decorate butterflies for display, and gather uplifting wishes for the world, strangers, those we love and even the world. By focusing our thoughts and efforts on positivity we will send waves of goodness to the world.

But how can we do it? Start by picking up an envelope with project materials from any Idea Exchange location, available starting on Monday, January 3rd. In the envelope you will find four butterflies to decorate, four wish slips to write your wishes on, and your submission form for volunteer hours.

Your task: Decorate four butterflies, both front and back with paint, markers, glitter, ink…whatever looks the loveliest. Then write a wish for the wish slips. Roll up the wishes and attach them to the butterfly wings as the body. All done? Fill in the slip, then pop it all back in the envelope and return to Idea Exchange. You will receive 2 hours of volunteer time per package.

The project is open for submissions until March 31, 2022, and the butterflies will be displayed in the Queen’s Square children’s department. The wishes will be unrolled and used for a project video in the spring. Let’s unleash a tidal wave of butterfly goodness this winter, and watch for the results this spring!