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  • Volunteer Profile: Charlotte Turner

Sheridan Flietstra | October 16, 2019

Volunteer Profile: Charlotte Turner

Grade eleven student Charlotte Turner has accumulated a surprising hoard of life experience. Charlotte can play five instruments and has a blue belt in Karate; Charlotte’s favourite school subjects, English and Music, directly translate into outside-of-school activities such as song writing and poetry. Enrolled in the IB program, an intense school experience that qualifies graduates to apply to universities across the world. Let’s not forget the school’s cross country team, Charlotte does it all, because experience matters.

Charlotte started volunteering with Idea Exchange after graduating grade eight. It was the most natural choice, given how much Charlotte loves the library, as well as the abundance of volunteer opportunities available. But one stood out for Charlotte

The Teen Tastemakers are the teen ambassadors for good taste at the Idea Exchange. They give their input on the libraries collection, write content for the website, and help to both prepare and promote teen events. In June, the Teen Tastemakers organized a Battle of the Books that Charlotte, Charlotte’s sister Gemma, and another volunteer named Madeline were part of. They debated which book should be the book of the summer. Even while debating Charlotte was enjoying herself, Charlotte describes it as “Something really great and fun that I’m super happy I got to do.” As an Idea Exchange volunteer, Charlotte is always up to new events and opportunities as they come up.

Charlotte gives credit to Jessica Sheff for making Teen Tastemakers such a fun group to be in while also being very organized, and having the ability to create fun events.

Something else that Charlotte found surprising is how volunteering feels nothing like work. It doesn’t feel like an obligation, or as Charlotte says “something I have to do.”

Access to books, magazines, and comics is vital for young people who can’t spend lots of money on materials, or who have a small school library. As well as books, Idea Exchange also has computers and a printer that can be used by the public, which Charlotte thinks is very helpful for school projects, homework, and assignments.  

Charlotte says “Just keep trying different things! If there’s something you think sounds kinda cool, give it a go! Even if it doesn’t turn out to be your thing, just chalk it up to experience,” when asked to give advice about figuring out personal passions and future goals.

Charlotte is a wonderful member of the Idea Exchange team, thank you for all that you do Charlotte!

Sheridan Flietstra is a Secondary School Co-op Student at Idea Exchange. She has a passion for writing and is planning to pursue Journalism as a career.