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  • Double the Impact, Double the Fun
    Volunteer Profile; Mike and Kim

Sheridan Flietstra, Jacob Hespeler Secondary School Co-op Student | February 7, 2019

Mike and Kim Palazzo like to do things together. These former teachers, who each taught for 30 years in Toronto, recently retired and now indulge in collective hobbies such as kayaking, hiking, and traveling. So, when they moved to Cambridge in 2015, wanting to get involved in their new community, what better way to do that than volunteering? And why not find a place to do it together?

Kim started at Idea Exchange first. This former elementary school teacher was given an ideal opportunity for her to share both her love of reading, and her love of working with children all in one, as a Children’s Program Support and Visiting Library Service for Kids volunteer. Since she was a young girl, Kim has had a great love of reading and the public library. Kim values being able to share her love of learning and reading while getting to meet many wonderful individuals and families through her experiences volunteering, so these positions worked for her.

But from the get-go, Kim watched for the right way bring Mike along.

Mike, who taught History, needed something that allowed him a chance to indulge his love of history, and share his vast knowledge with others. Not such an easy find. But this spring, when the Old Post Office was opening, Kim suggested that he join team of Tour Guides, and soon Mike was leading tours through recently restored heritage building. In this position Mike combines his joy of reading, with the historical knowledge that shares the story of the Old Post Office. The experience that Mike values most as a volunteer is being able to meet people within the community, as well as being able to share his knowledge with them. And of course, volunteering with Kim.

Thank you Mike and Kim for doubling down on your new home town – and volunteering together at Idea Exchange! For all of your hard work, we recognize you in this volunteer profile.

Sheridan Flietstra is a Secondary School Co-op Student at Idea Exchange. She has a passion for writing and is planning to pursue Journalism as a career.