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  • Karen Kiernander

Shannon Markle | October 3, 2017

Volunteer Profile: Karen Kiernander

“I think volunteering in any capacity gives one a purpose and I enjoy helping out in any way I can.” Karen Kiernander

Karen Kiernander had hit a sweet spot in life. Retired from years of working in retail and part-time at Expedia Cruise Ship Centers, finished with teaching the Tourism & Travel program at Sheridan College, it was time to relax and enjoy time on her own terms.  Sure, tending to her elderly parents who live with her, and spending time with her four children and three grandchildren, could be busy…not to mention an abundance of hobbies like reading, baking, knitting, jigsaw puzzles and Sudoku. The time could be filled.

But Karen missed working.

Karen thought back to her first job in early high school working at the circulation desk in the Montreal children's library. Karen still loved books. And loved organizing. But she did volunteer for an organization that fundraises on behalf of other groups. That would keep her busy. And that puzzle did have 3000 pieces. The time could be filled…but could it be filled with purpose?

And Karen missed working. 

So Karen joined the team at the Clemens Mill library, volunteering as a circulation and delivery volunteer, and put her organizational skills to use. In the two and a half years Karen has been with us she has become a vital part of the Clemens Mill volunteer team, supporting the staff weekly and getting the job done. “Volunteering gets me out of the house” Karen said, “I thoroughly enjoy working with the staff at the circulation desk”.

We thoroughly enjoy having you on the team too, Karen. Which is why we salute you in this Volunteer Profile