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Five Reasons to Join our Visiting Library Service



  • young woman and elderly man with a book

Shannon, Queen's Square | December 1, 2018

The Visiting Library Service is a program that partners book and people loving volunteers with those homebound due to age or illness. Our volunteers make once a month visits to these folks, bringing companionship and the joy of library materials to those who need them most. Here are five reasons why you should join this exceptionally worthwhile program.

  1. Serving as a VLS volunteer ensures that one person, that one you are visiting, has someone keeping an eye on their well-being. No one can help everyone. Everyone can help someone. The act of helping someone is great for your emotional well-being.
  2. Reading is such an important, enjoyable, and healthy activity – particularly for seniors. Studies show that reading can reduce stress, improve sleep, sharpen decision making, and improve memory. In fact, some even hint that reading may delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. VLS volunteers can take pride in the fact that they are absolutely contributing to the health of their clients.
  3. VLS visits offer both the volunteer and the client an opportunity to connect and to talk. Talking about the books, sharing thoughts and ideas is great social time for both. Serving as a VLS volunteer can contribute to your health too!
  4. The hunt for appropriate books for your client often yields the unanticipated reward of discovering new interests and authors for yourself.
  5. VLS volunteers are part of a great team. Annual workshops and group visits to retirement homes offer a great way to connect with other volunteers and to improve the service you offer to your clients.

Interested in joining our Visiting Library Service? Please contact our coordinator of volunteer and newcomer services, Shannon Markle (smarkle [at] ideaexchange.org), to arrange a time to meet. We need you!