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Shannon, Queen's Square | June 1, 2019

You’ve got skills. We’ve got a new way to share them!

How do we create a better community? By sharing our passions, know-how, and skills with others. Inspired by the 2016 Taco Stand Project, we’re introducing How To By You – community led programs and workshops in Idea Exchange spaces. We welcome community members to share the Pinterest project they’ve mastered, the craft they’ve spent years perfecting, or the skill they’d love to teach with others in the community.

From ‘How to Make a Sock Monkey’ to ‘Craft your Own Herbal Planter in Five Easy Steps,’ we want to hear about it. Whether you’re a pro at gardening, you can fix just about anything, or you can take DIY to a new level, come share your knowledge with the rest of us. This is your chance to demonstrate or assist people in the creation of a project or development of a skill.

How To By You is volunteer driven, so you can decide on what you want to share (with support from our staff, of course). This opportunity is a great way to get more involved in your community with something you enjoy and meet other like-minded individuals with a passion for learning.

To get started, submit your programming ideas for consideration. Program proposals can be submitted online at ideaexchange.org/volunteers.