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Introducing Tech Teens



  • teen and senior at a laptop

Shannon, Queen's Square | August 1, 2017

The use of technology comes as easily as breathing for teens, but for those of us who grew up in a different era, handling something high tech leaves us feeling…well, a little like a fish out of water. To combat this discomfort Idea Exchange is launching a new volunteer position this fall, Tech Teens. This position, in coordination with planned seniors programming, will make tech as fun and interactive for seniors as it’s meant to be for us all.

Picture this. Teens and seniors partnered together to explore the online wilderness. From skype to online games, google to email, our librarians will map out the route, plan the activities for the day’s techno-tour and lead the trek while each teen and their senior partner will take the journey together.

This inter-generational programming offers numerous benefits for both seniors and youth alike. While seniors report improved life satisfaction and enhanced self-esteem, and often enjoy exposure to new technologies in an environment of curiosity and ease; youth develop a healthier attitude towards aging, a stronger sense of community and an opportunity for soft skills development.

Interested in becoming a tech teen? Fill in a volunteer application at ideaexchange.org/volunteers to get the process started.