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  • Brendon Highmore of Highmore Productions
    The Next Step

Shannon Markle | October 27, 2017

“I can share what I know, and learn new things when I do.” ~ Brendon Highmore

Brendon Highmore came to Idea Exchange as a co-op student in his final year of the Television Broadcasting program at Conestoga College. His placement, designed to develop workplace skills, challenged Brendon to create content for the Idea Exchange website and social media channels. A perfect placement for a talented, committed videographer like Brendon. The next step towards the career of his dreams.

As co-op placements do, it also stretched Brendon’s comfort zones. Content in his role behind the camera, talented and keen with editing and sculpting video content, Brendon’s focus had always been the footage, the sound, the end product. But Idea Exchange is such people place. The planning, the collaboration, the constant discussion…now that was a challenge for a fellow who leans towards the quieter side of the room.

When Brendon’s placement concluded, he knew he had more to offer – and more to learn, so he joined the volunteer team, and began by working with teens to create video at summer festivals and events. There Brendon coached the teens in front of the camera, designed the shots, and edited the footage. In the winter, Brendon came into the AV Exchange Teen program, and really pushed his boundries by doing some teaching. Standing in front of the attendees. Demonstrating how to edit video footage, what makes a great shot, when to use a microphone…and more. Then Brendon offered to mentor teens in the shooting and editing of their own videos - and volunteered to create promotional video like one for the How To By You video contest for teens.

Now a graduate, and the owner of Highmore Productions, a video production company with a focus on telling your story, Brendon still chooses to volunteer with Idea Exchange, and support community events. He knows that while his business grows, he can support community events, and when sharing his many, many talents with Idea Exchange, Brendon is learning and refining skills of his own. And that leads to the next step…

Kid Cambridge by Brendon Highmore