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  • Volunteer Profile: Deb Mitchell
    Our Gal Friday

Shannon Markle | October 27, 2017

Volunteer Profile: Deb Mitchell

“I just love coming to the library.” ~ Deb Mitchell

Whoever coined the expression “Those that can, do. Those that can do more, volunteer” must have visited Idea Exchange, because have we got ‘a gal who does more’. In fact, as a twenty-six year veteran, Deb Mitchel has pretty much done it all during her time volunteering with us.

A happy-go-lucky family girl, Deb lives with her mom, brother Kevin and Winston the dog. She spends her evenings at her secret passion, rug hooking and loves to socialize with good friends, like Wendy another long-term library volunteer. But volunteering at the library is extremely important to her. Deb puts in an unprecedented number of hours volunteering, joining us three days a week. She starts her time with us each week by spending a morning in the Children’s Department where she keeps the JPs in tip-top shape. If there is a book out of place, Deb is determined to find it, and make it right.

It’s the time Deb spends in the processing department that really demonstrates her versatility and commitment. More than just packing the delivery or matching catalogue and selection lists for book orders, Deb takes on an amazing array of tasks from stamping books to processing DVDs and CDs by adding the needed labels and stickers, putting barcodes on materials to shredding paper and cutting up scrap, if her manager, Janet Rushton needs help, Deb is willing to give it a go. Most recently she learned how to write barcodes to RFID tags, assisting us as we made the transition to our new circulation shelf-check out system.

It isn’t just the variety of tasks Deb is able to do that makes her such a remarkable volunteer. Deb’s chipper morning chatter and contagious giggle animates the workplace and enriches the lives of staff and other volunteers alike.

We salute our gal Friday in this volunteer profile. Thanks for all that you do, Deb!