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The Poster Project: Thanking Our Medical Folks for Being There



  • Sample Posters that have been created for the Poster Project
  • Sample Posters that have been created for the Poster Project

Shannon, Queen's Square | March 1, 2021

Cambridge Memorial Hospital and retirement home staff have been taking care of our loved ones for a year now – tending those in the hospital, and in various retirement homes across town where COVID-19 has hit Cambridge hardest. Don’t you just want to give them a great big shout-out of thanks?!  We can help with that.

How can you participate? Pick up a Poster Project poster board at the any Idea Exchange location and get creative. Design, decorate and message a one-of-a-kind poster encouraging them and letting them know how you feel about everything they are doing for us all. When you are finished sending your message of thanks and support, drop your poster off at the curbside pick-up again, and voila – you’ve created your very own beam of sunshine and sent it to our essential medical workers!

Do you need volunteer hours? We can do that too. We will give you five hours/completed and polished poster. Just write your name and make sure to include a valid, legible email address and our volunteer coordinator will send you a confirmation of your volunteer contribution – or add your hours to VicNet if you are on our volunteer team.

This project has been so popular we’ve decided to extend it until March 31st, so we can keep spreading some sunshine – until the spring arrives.