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Winter Illumination: Peace and Tranquility



  • A watery landscape

Shannon, Queen's Square | October 1, 2021

Aren’t we all longing for a little peace and tranquility these days? We’ll you know what they say “Don’t wait for it, create for it!” Join us this winter as we dream a little dream– Cambridge style. Part of Winter Illumination 2022, this project invites you to let your light shine and be part of something wonderful. Now…to get busy!

Your volunteer task: Through upcycling plastic water and soda bottles, you will help us create the pieces for themed, illuminated wonderlands in our Idea Exchange location windows this winter. Looking for inspiration? Watch our Instagram page for sample sets crafted by some of our teen volunteers – or even search the internet. There are tons of cool ideas online to get your creative juices going. Choose to submit for one – or choose to submit for all! It’s up to you how much fun you want to have!

  • Serene Seas: Create fish, jellyfish, coral reefs and help us feel some underwater bliss at our Clemens Mill location.  
  • Birds & Paradise: Let your imagination soar as you craft birds of all kinds for the windows of our Hespeler location.
  • Sacred Spaces: With lanterns and votive holders we’ll light up the glass classroom at the Old Post Office, and welcome 2022 with balance and serenity.  
  • Glorious Gardens: Helps us grow a light garden for our Queen’s Square and Preston locations by making some flower, plants and insects

Project runs from October 1-November 30th, 2021. Submit your completed decorations at any location of Idea Exchange, it will be hung on LED string lights and displayed for all to enjoy.  

Please include a submission form with your work, including a valid email address and phone number. If yo`u are already in our VicNet database as an applicant or volunteer your hours will be logged, otherwise a confirmation letter will be sent via email.