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Delegations at Board Meetings Policy


This policy outlines the privileges and responsibilities of delegations that wish to address the Board and describes the procedure required.


Residents and community association representatives may attend and address the Board as a delegation at any Regular meeting. Delegations wishing to address the Board of the Cambridge Public Library must advise the CEO of their intent at least four (4) days prior to the Board meeting date.

Persons who have not preregistered may still be heard. Their request is subject to a vote of the Board at the meeting in question, and at the time set aside for delegations.

The Board has the right to limit the number of delegations presenting at any given meeting.

Upon the completion of a presentation to the Board by a delegation, any discourse between Members of the Board and the delegation shall be limited to Members asking questions for clarification and obtaining additional, relevant information only. Any discussion or motions arising from the delegation will be made at the appropriate time in the agenda or at a future meeting.

No Delegation shall:

  1. speak disrespectfully of any person;
  2. use offensive words or unparliamentary language;
  3. speak on any subject other than the subject for which they have received approval to address the Board; or
  4. disobey the rules of procedure or a decision of the Chair.

The Chair may curtail any delegation, any questions of a delegation or any other breach of this policy and, where the Chair rules that the delegation is concluded, the person or persons shall immediately withdraw.

Any written or verbal submissions made before the Board of the Cambridge Public Library will form part of the public record and the names of persons appearing at Delegations will appear in the minutes of the meeting that will be posted online.


  1. Persons wishing to appear before a regular or special Board meeting shall notify the CEO (Secretary of the Board) four (4) days before the scheduled meeting.
  2. Delegations shall give their name, address, phone number, subject and particulars of the matter to the Secretary.
  3. Written submissions when available shall be copied for all trustees. The Board may request print copies of verbal presentations.
  4. Unless the Board otherwise declares, no person shall be permitted to address the meeting for more than five (5) minutes or fifteen (15) minutes for groups of 3 or more.

Adopted: June 28, 2017   (Board Motion 17.46)

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