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Policy Statement (Statement of Commitment to Accessibility) The Cambridge Public Library Board (“Idea Exchange”) is committed to treating all people in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence. We are committed to meeting... Read More»
Policy Statement The Cambridge Public Library Board (“Idea Exchange”) provides services in a way that respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities.  All reasonable effort will be made to ensure that our policies, practices and... Read More»
When you get a Cambridge library account, you agree to the following conditions: Your Library card can be used at all Cambridge Library locations and must be presented each time materials are borrowed. Only the person named on the card can use the... Read More»
Purpose The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Idea Exchange (IE) is compliant with the requirements of the Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, 2010 [2014] and its regulations. Policy Statement Idea Exchange is committed to complying with CASL,... Read More»
Welcome to Idea Exchange libraries and Cambridge Art Galleries. We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe, positive and quality environment where we treat each other with respect and courtesy.  Everyone is expected to: Attend to and... Read More»
Copyright & Intellectual Property Policy Key Points Summary: Idea Exchange is not responsible for infringing copies made by users of Idea Exchange’s copying equipment or Makerspaces. It’s the user’s obligation and responsibility to determine... Read More»
Purpose: This policy outlines the privileges and responsibilities of delegations that wish to address the Board and describes the procedure required. Policy: Residents and community association representatives may attend and address the Board as a... Read More»
Purpose To provide direction to Idea Exchange Board members, staff and volunteers on the administration of organizational resources with respect to election-related matters. Principle Public funds are not to be used for any election-related... Read More»
The Canadian Federation of Library Associations' Statement on Intellectual Freedom, ratified in June 1974, and last amended September 27, 2015, is accepted by Idea Exchange without reservation. Statement on Intellectual Freedom and Libraries The... Read More»
Idea Exchange is pleased to offer public access to the Internet, enabling us to electronically provide a window onto a world of ideas, information and commentary well beyond that which is available in our own collections.  The purpose of Idea... Read More»
Purpose This policy is established to ensure that Idea Exchange (IE) funds including, but not limited to, operating, reserve and trust funds are invested to provide optimal returns with a prudent level of risk as approved by the Library Board.  The... Read More»
Purpose The selection of materials is driven by the principles defined in Idea Exchange's Mission, Vision, Values and Goals. The purpose of this policy is to: a. To guide Idea Exchange staff in the selection of materials. b. To inform the public... Read More»
The Cambridge Public Library Board (hereinafter called the “Board”) is a corporation appointed by the City of Cambridge under and acting in accordance with the Public Libraries Act, Revised Statutes of Ontario, 1990 Chapter P.44 (hereinafter called... Read More»
The Terms and Conditions are: Reservations: Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Idea Exchange reserves the right to decline bookings for any reason whatsoever and in their sole and absolute discretion. Past approval for... Read More»
Purpose The Cambridge Public Library Board (operating as Idea Exchange) strives to maintain a safe and secure environment for customers and staff while protecting the individual’s right to privacy. The Board recognizes the use of security cameras at... Read More»
Purpose This policy provides guidelines for social media and online use. The purpose of this policy is to maintain a positive, helpful and dynamic communication environment. The Idea Exchange Social Media Policy applies to online and social media... Read More»
Program Policy:  Idea Exchange is committed to offering students valuable experience and knowledge that represents an organized path from a school setting to the workplace.  Objectives: The Student Hiring Program aims to provide employment... Read More»
Purpose To outline the approach to handling situations in which a person’s disregard for appropriate conduct at Idea Exchange requires action that may in some cases include the issuing of a Letter of Trespass. Minor Violations When disregard for... Read More»
Purpose At Idea Exchange volunteerism offers the community tangible opportunities to engage in the everyday business of what we do and to become part of who we are. We consider our volunteers our best ambassadors and part of our team. Volunteers do... Read More»
We welcome the contributions of those who help further the discussion by sharing their ideas and opinions – regardless of whether or not they express agreement or disagreement with entries or comments posted to this website. Please bear in mind that... Read More»
Idea Exchange is committed to protecting the privacy of any personal information you may provide when visiting our website. We will not use or share any of this information except with the consent of the individual to whom the information relates or... Read More»