Online Membership

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You can sign up for an online membership if you:

  • Live in the city of Cambridge
  • Don’t already have a membership card
  • You are interested only in access to our online e-resources

If you wish to take out physical materials, you will need to visit one of our locations with your identification showing name and current address to sign up for a full-service membership card.

If you already have a card but need it renewed, fill out our membership renewal form.

If you live outside of the Cambridge city limits, you may still qualify for an Idea Exchange membership card, however, you will need to visit one of our locations for confirmation. Bring identification with your name and address and, if applicable, proof of ownership of Cambridge property or enrollment at a Cambridge school.

By signing up for an online membership you can immediately start accessing the many electronic products we provide. The full list includes immediate access to:

  1. eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines, eMovies through downloadLibrary and Overdrive
  2. international newspapers and magazines through PressReader
  3. movie and documentary streaming through Kanopy
  4. courses and training programs through LinkedIn Learning (formerly and Gale Courses
  5. other online databases of interest to students and researchers

What you don’t get with an Online Membership

  • Access to physical materials from any of our collections
  • Without a physical membership card you do not get the benefits of Gallery Membership or Reciprocal Admission at participating Ontario Association of Art Galleries institutions
  • Access to Makerspace and Creative Studios equipment at Old Post Office

You must complete the form below. All fields marked with an asterisk are required. There will be third party validation of the information you provide and if it is accepted, you will be given a barcode that you can begin using immediately with online resources. Please note, you will not receive a physical card.

Online memberships, like our full memberships, must be renewed annually.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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