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Artist Advocacy


Art$Pay connects visual art practitioners with opportunities, community, and advocates for fair pay. Visit their website to learn about opportunities and artist resources in Waterloo Region


CARFAC is the national voice of Canada’s professional visual artists. Check out Tools for Artists.


MANO/RAMO | Media Arts Network of Ontario is Ontario's only arts service organization dedicated to furthering the work of media arts organizations, collectives and independent artists. Learn more about MANO/RAMO by visiting their website.

Helpful Resources

Artist Statement Basics

Writing about yourself can be tricky! Here are 3 basic principles to help get you started:

1. The What: What is your work? In simple terms discuss concepts, themes, and the medium you are working in.

2. The Why: Explain why you have created your work. This can include your inspirations and motivations.

3. The How: How does your current work fit into your overall artistic practice? Or, how does your work relate to the call for submissions?

Grant Writing Basics

Here are some writing tips we have gathered from our previous Grant Writing Workshops led by Isabella Stefanescu from Inter Arts Matrix


1. Read the guidelines!!! Are you eligible for the grant? Is your work eligible? Don't waste time applying for something you have no chance of receiving.

2. Does your project start after the results of the funding competition are announced?

3. Does your budget tally correctly? Ensure the expenses are equal to the income.

4. Can you meet the submission deadline?

5. Fill out the form - Do not leave blank fields. If a question does not apply to you, write "n/a" in the answer field.

6. Stick to the space/pages/word count allowed.

7. Number the pages of attachments.

8. Edit, revise, and edit again. Then have someone else read it over for you. Try to use plain language.

9. Do you have the correct number of application copies to submit (for paper submissions)?

10. If you include links to supporting materials, test them and make sure they work.

11. Keep copies of everything submitted.

Funders and Councils

Canada Council For The Arts

Canadian Media Fund

Craft Ontario

Guelph Arts Council

Hamilton Arts Council

KW Awesome Foundation

London Arts Council

Ottawa Arts Council 

Ontario Arts Council

Ontario Trillium Foundation

Region of Waterloo Arts Council

Toronto Arts Council



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