Visiting Library Service

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What is Visiting Library Service (VLS)?

Visiting Library Service partners a trained volunteer with a client who is homebound due to age or illness. Our friendly volunteers deliver library materials, enjoy a chat about the books, and connect with clients who often become friends during their monthly visits.

How It Works

Our Coordinator of Volunteer Services meets with every client to discuss their needs and preferences, and these are communicated to the volunteer assigned to them.

Each month, your volunteer will gather library materials based on your reading tastes and deliver them to your home. They will also collect and return the materials once you are finished with them.

Most items are loaned for an extended period of nine (9) weeks.

Materials Available

VLS members can check out the following materials:

Further Information

To learn more about whether this program is right for you, or to offer to volunteer, please contact the Idea Exchange Coordinator of Volunteer Services by email or call 519-621-0460 x127.

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