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All The Time In The World by Tee Kundu

purple background with cartoon figure in blue shirt peaking behind their hands black text all the time in the world by Tee Kundu
All The Time In World In The World by Tee Kundu

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All The Time In The World is a collection of short stories that range from the practical to the absurd. Exploring our relationships to ourselves and the world, it takes the fantasies & concerns of a young 20-something to their logical conclusions. Featuring astral projection, skin-care, spiders, vacuum-cleaners & spring renewal. As with any dream, always a work-in-progress.

Tee Kundu is an interdisciplinary artist, illustrator & designer. They mostly draw things. In addition, they often work in social practice, performance, zines, facilitation, etc. They want to be a storyteller and they want to be helpful. A DIY dabbler, you can find them on Instagram @lukitstee

Flip through All The Time In The World below, a PDF version can be downloaded once you enter full screen mode

Colouring Contest

As an extension to their zine, Tee has designed 3 colouring pages for a summer colouring contest!

Contest Details

  • Download the colouring pages (see 'Related Links' below) or pick them up at any Idea Exchange location.
  • Email your finished work to gallery [at] or bring to any Idea Exchange location by August 21.
  • A winner will be selected by random draw for a $25 gift card to No Udder Ice Cream.
  • All ages and abilities are welcome to participate.

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This project is part of the RBC Future Launch Challenge.
The RBC Future Launch Community Challenge is supported by the RBC Foundation and Cambridge & North Dumfries Community Foundation.


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Submitted by Allison (not verified) on

I love the format of the e-zine - what is the name of the software used to compile and present it like this?

Submitted by Cambridge Art G... (not verified) on

Hi Allison,

The name of the software used to make the e-zine is flipsnack,com it is an online digital publication platform.