More Graphic Novels and Comic Books

Two shelves of graphic novels and comic books on display at Idea Exchange, Queen's Square.

Graphic novels and comic books are becoming ever more popular at our Queen’s Square location. The collection has been growing so much, it was recently moved to a larger space.

This collection offers some of the most popular titles and series including Naruto, Smile, Dog Man, and many more. Idea Exchange also offers many popular manga series such as Hunter X Hunter, My Hero Academia, and One Piece. There is something for every age and interest.

Comic books transport our readers into worlds of superheroes and lands of fantasy, often including multiple short stories. Graphic novels, on the other hand, offer more complex storylines for readers to follow. Comics and graphic novels are a great way to enjoy a story that uses both writing and visual cues through illustrated content. 

Youth Services Librarian Sarah’s current favourite graphic novel is Saving Chupie, about a young girl helping her grandma recover from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. The young girl hears the tall tale about chupacabra in the country and is amused by how silly it seems, until she comes face to face with the unusual creature in real life. The story is not only wholesome, but it's also a barrel of laughs.

Idea Exchange offers a wide variety of both comic books and graphic novels for our members, especially those geared toward our tween and teen readers. Some new titles that we are thrilled to add to the collection include Cookie & Broccoli and InvestiGators, Vol. 7

Bring some of the fun home with you by borrowing these titles with a free Idea Exchange membership. Visit our locations or browse our online catalogue to see what's available and stay tuned as we continue to add new materials to the collections. 

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