One Seed, One Community Cambridge

Seed tray with seedlings sprouting, stake reads "GQ Tomato"

One Seed, One Community Cambridge (OSOC Cambridge) is an initiative that unites the Cambridge and North Dumfries community in the shared experience of growing nutritious food and saving seeds. Created by four local organizations: Cambridge Food Bank, rare Charitable Research Reserve, Seeds of Diversity, and Idea Exchange, OSOC Cambridge is an annual program that offers free seeds, community connections, and the experience of growing and sharing food.

Each year a new seed variety is selected by OSOC Cambridge. The seed for the 2023 planting season is the Karikachi Edamame, a Japanese heirloom edamame with a mildly sweet and nutty flavour that is excellent when steamed.

Everyone can participate in the full circle growing process through the following steps:

  1. Pick up free seed packets at any Idea Exchange location in early spring.
  2. Plant and care for your seedlings – watch them grow.
  3. Harvest and enjoy your edamame. If you have more than you can enjoy, Cambridge Food Bank is thrilled to accept freshly harvested produce or dry goods.
  4. Learn more about gardening and follow other gardeners on the OSOC Cambridge Facebook page.
  5. Save and donate your seeds. The seed libraries at Idea Exchange and Cambridge Food Bank will gratefully accept seed donations.

Join One Seed, One Community Cambridge in helping to grow our community, one seed at a time.

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