Visit Our Green Roof!

Wild green area on the OPO green roof

The Old Post Office has a hidden gem on the second level terrace.  Our terrace is brought to life by a green roof, creating the perfect Zen community space for you to enjoy the outdoors and take in one of the best views in downtown Galt. 

Worth a look for its own sake, the green roof has a mix of hardy groundcovers selected to thrive in rooftop conditions.  A tapestry of Sedums in shades of vibrant blue, deep and yellow green; its changing colours are beautiful in spring, summer and fall. July is the best time to view the plants in peak bloom - sedums in white, pink and yellow, and allium in bright rosy purple. The plants benefit birds and pollinating insects, coming alive with dragonflies, damselflies, butterflies and bees. May was a big month on the roof last year with a Canada goose and mallard successfully nesting, hatching, and launching their fledglings 30 feet down to the river, while we all watched on our live-streaming ‘Goose Nest Cam’ and ‘Duck Nest Cam’!

Increasing habitat and biodiversity is one of the many environmental benefits green roofs provide. They also increase urban green space, cool the 'heat island' effect caused by the manmade surfaces of cities, and provide natural energy savings to buildings by insulating against extreme high and low temperatures. 

The green roof system at The Old Post Office is designed by LiveRoof and installed and maintained by Ginkgo Sustainability, a Toronto based company with projects across Ontario. It's a complex structure that requires certification to install, specific lightweight materials, root barriers, waterproof membrane, irrigation and drainage systems. Ginkgo Sustainability's other local projects are located at the Perimeter institute, RIM Park and the Stork Family YMCA in Waterloo.

Our green roof is unique because it’s accessible to everyone, so stop by to see for yourself! Bring a coffee on a nice day and use the terrace as a place unwind or as an outdoor workspace. You can access the library's free wifi, bring your own laptop or use your full library membership to borrow one here. (Capacity limits may apply during the pandemic)

Interested in enhancing or creating your own urban green space? Here are some books that prove you don’t need a yard to have a garden!

Planting green roofs and living walls, by Nigel Dunnett

Grow a living wall: create vertical gardens with purpose: pollinators, herbs & veggies, aromatherapy, many more, by Shawna Coronado.

For balcony or patio inspiration, have a look at our list of container gardening books.

Level-up your positive impact on wildlife and pollinators with Rhonda Hayes’ guide to Pollinator Friendly Gardening and more. Maybe you’ll find the seeds you’re looking for at the Preston Seed Library?