Large Format Printer (24" Epson SureColor T3270)

large format printer

Print posters, collages and other designs up to 24" wide with our archival quality, large format printer. Select from a variety of paper types to make your art and photographs.

  • Paper Cost:
    • Premium glossy, semi-gloss and matte paper - $2.00/foot
    • Plain paper - $1.00/foot
  • Ink Cost - $1.00/ml

An average 8”x10” colour photo is $2.00 and a 13"x24" poster-size colour photo costs about $5.75.

Limits on Printing:

  • No bulk orders. Members are limited to $30 worth of large format printing per day.
  • It is the member’s obligation and responsibility to determine and satisfy copyright, patent, trademark or other use restrictions. Idea Exchange is not responsible for violation of intellectual property laws.
  • Idea Exchange reserve the right to refuse any projects that violate our policies, are unsafe and/or are unlawful.

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