Meet Our Staff: Old Post Office

Daniel and Chris on the outdoor terrace at the Old Post Office.

Daniel and Chris are two friendly faces in the Creative Studios at Idea Exchange's Old Post Office location, supporting members in developing technical skills related to visual storytelling and sound. Daniel is an experienced filmmaker and Chris is a talented audio engineer and musician.

What current project of yours are you most excited about?

Daniel: The Old Post Office Makerspace happens to have equipment that is also used by the biggest stop-motion animation studios to build character models and sets. Building on that, I am excited to have added technologies
and programs to the Creative Studios which have allowed members to tell their stories using stop-motion animation and to create product photography to highlight the amazing things they make.

Chris: I come from a background of music and audio recording and have enjoyed being able to implement so much music and audio-related technology into the Creative Studios. We were recently able to have Mac Minis and new audio interfaces installed in our Audio and Video Recording Rooms to accompany the PCs, which adds even more options for our members.

What are your hidden talents or hobbies?

Daniel: I consider ADHD to be my superpower. Fortunately, throughout my life, I have had the support I need to satisfy my insatiably curious and often restless mind. This has allowed me to develop a passion for learning and discovery, and for sharing that passion with others. I genuinely enjoy helping people begin their creative endeavours, both personally and professionally. I have a knack for connecting ideas and solving problems in unconventional ways, which can be useful in the pilot stages of a project.

Chris: Music is my life. I have been fortunate to be a drummer in numerous bands over the last 27 years. This has allowed me to tour across most of Canada and even play at the Old Post Office years ago when it was Fiddler’s Green. I have also operated a commercial audio recording studio in Kitchener for the past 15 years and have had the opportunity to work with many great bands and voice actors.

What is your favourite book to re-read or movie to re-watch?

Daniel: Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport is an interesting book that explores focus and meaning in work and life. I find myself listening to the audiobook version at least once a year. Newport’s ideas around being intentional in your use of technology and management of time help me focus on the things I care about.

Chris: I am a huge Hunter S. Thompson fan and have read and re-read most of his books, my favourite being Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. “Buy the ticket, take the ride...”

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