The Duck and Goose Cam Returns

Mallard ducks nsting on the green roof at the Old Post Office.

We are excited to report that geese and mallard ducks returned to the Old Post Office Green Roof for another nesting season in 2024.

A mama duck settled on her nest around mid-March and we've started to see geese making appearances too. Like last year, we will be livestreaming the action on the Idea Exchange YouTube channel.

On your next visit to the Old Post Office, visit our Discovery Centre and terrace to see the rooftop garden where the ducks and geese have nested each spring for the last few years. 

The Grand River attracts all kinds of species that can be seen from the Riverview Room. We’ve seen herons, hawks, eagles, terns, swans, and three species of swallow, to name a few. Borrow a pair of binoculars, a field guide or a bird watching kit and let us know what birds you see.

Finally, we have some collections lists to inspire you as we enjoy the return of spring on the Grand River, bird migrations and nesting season.  Check out our Grand River list to make the most of recreation along our region's beautiful river. To explore the wonderful world of birds, try out our Spring Is For the Birds list for field guides, backyard activities and other resources to help you make feathered friends. 

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